$20  AD-ONS

Mask (suitable to your skin)
Hot Stones
Indian Scalp Massage
Eye Mask
 Lip Mask


Pro Dermal Peels

Pro Dermal Peels are an effective and affordable skin treatment with proven results for immediate cell rejuvenation.

 You will see and feel the results in your skin after each Pro Dermal Peels Treatment. At Hands On Laser we provide seven peel treatments.

Each is designed to provide a unique experience and target particular skin conditions, with individual and amazing results.

Our professionally trained therapists will be able to guide you on choosing the one best Pro Dermal Peels Treatment suited for your skin concerns.

Enzyme Peel                                    $90

Oxygenating enzyme Peel                $90

Pomegranate Peel                             $90

Pumpkin Peel                                   $90

Alpha Beta Peel                               $140

Vitamin A Peel                                 $140

Bio White Peel                                 $140

Personalise and Create your  own Facial starting  with the   Medi Express.  Simply  ad-on from the list of $20, $30, and $40 treatments

Medi Express  .......$50  Includes  Gentle Cleanse  or  Glycolic/Lactic Cleanse  Glycolic Scrub    Laser Aid   Moisturiser and  Sunscreen

Now Mix and Match for your perfect Facial


Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels with O Cosmedics and Skinstitut

improve skin texture and tone, reduce pigmentation or treat acne.
Peels are great for an instant result, removing dead skin cells for regeneration.  


Benefits: Improves pigmentation, fine lines, Skin tone and texture, Increases Hydration, anti bacterial, restores barrier function. Best in a series of 3-6 treatments

Skinstitut Beginners Peel Accelerator   $99

A cocktail of Lactic, Mandelic and Glycolic chirally correct vitamins with 42% Alpha Aromatic Hydroxy Acid. This 30 min Peel will renew, brighten and smooth skin texture. Suitable for all skin types

Have as an ad on to any facial

Skinstitut Ageless Peel     $140
Aged, Sun damaged, dull and lifeless skin

A chirally correct Medical grade anabolic restructuring treatment containing potent antioxidant and amino acid complex to target visible signs of aging and sun damage. This peel works on a dermal level resulting in a revitalized and smoother more even skin tone. 

Skin Peels

Smart Facials

$40  AD-ONS

Peel Accelerator (prep req.)
LED Light Therapy
IPL Flash  (max. 10 flashes)
1 Skinstitut Product


$30  AD-ONS

  Hydrating Serum
  High Frequency (pimples)
  Enzyme Peel Skinstitut
  Face & D├ęcolletage Massage
  Pressure Point Face Massage

  Lash Tint