Laser Skin Treatments

We use a Dual Platform Laser Long Pulsed Alexandrite & Nd:YAG laser system, the latest and most advanced technology from Korea with a patented New Generation skin whitening Genesis method fractional hand-piece.

A stable square pulse high powered fast treatment system that delivers outstanding patient results for Skin treatments.  The RCS Gas Cooling method rapidly cools down the epidermis pre and post treatment for a comfortable less painful safe treatment.  We can successfully treat most skin conditions including Melasma.

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Melasma Skin Treatment

Melasma is an acquired pigmentary disorder characterised by irregular brown masculus and patches on the face and it is a frequent cosmetic concern. We can offer a fractional Alexandrite 755nm treatment with special parameters to deliver bright skin texture. Cosmetic skin care with lightening properties and sun protection can deliver improved results.

Vascular Lesion treatment

Vascular lesions can be treated with our cooled LP Nd-YAG laser to offer a powerful solution to treat both vascular lesions and deep veins. The laser energy is delivered deep into the tissue and is attracted to the blood in the vessel which coagulates the vessel reducing the appearance of vascular lesions, producing excellent results.

Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation treatment

Facial skin laxity is generally connected with ageing and loss of tissue volume. The long pulsed Nd-YAG laser is an excellent treatment for skin tightening with a reduction of deeper wrinkles. It stimulates the formation of new collagen deep in the dermis resulting in a tighter and more youthful appearance. The Laser also improves the texture of the skin as the pigment in the skin absorbs the energy resulting in mild inflammation which stimulates the collagen production delivering fresh new skin cells. Treatment is suitable for all clients who are concerned with firming the skin and refining the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Pigmentation Treatment

The long pulsed Alexandrite laser is effectively used to treat seborrheic keratosis, congenital melanocytic nevus, freckles and lentiginous. This laser utilises a specific wavelength of energy to safely target the dark pigmented spots while not effecting lighter, normal skin. The laser light heats the melanin in the pigmented lesion causing the lesion to darken then slough off over a few days.

Whitening Treatment

We are excited to offer you this proven Genesis Method of Fractional Laser with special parameters to lighten and brighten skin. Extremely popular with Asian skin types to reduce discolouration produced from UV rays. A treatment course is recommended together with our brightening cream and physical sunscreen to further enhance and prolong the results.

Acne Treatments

Acne is a concern not only for teenagers but can also erupt at any time during adulthood. The long pulsed Alexandrite 755nm Laser uses a specific parameter together with a pass over of our 755nm Fractional laser to gently target pustules and acne lesions. Skin becomes clearer whilst reducing the excess flow of sebum. Also gut health is an integral part of the acne healing process and it is recomended that both are addressed to ensure the best results.

Why do I need Sunscreen after Laser?

Sunscreen is mandetory after any laser treatment. Skin areas treated can be sensitive to the sun and can therefore burn easily for a while after the treatment, leaving damage. We recomend our SPF Physical Block to reflect UV Rays. This must be applied regularly throughout the day.

How many treatments do I need?

Depending on the severity of your skin condition and what is being treated, more than 1 treatment is often required for the best results. Your Skin Threapist will advise you and guide you to achieve maximum possible results.

Why are skin care products needed if I am having a Laser treatment?

Skin Care products for home use will speed the treatment cycle and can give you up to a 40% better result. We have sourced the best products to deliver you the results that our Laser's can not produce alone. Laser alone will not protect, hydrate, clean, heal of support the complex skin structure needed to promote healthy, radient skin. Your Skin Threrapist will advise products to enhance your treatment.