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Hands On Skin Solutions is a potent organic skincare line, with no nasties. Our Line is Animal Cruelty Free, made 100% from Natural Vegan friendly ingredients and is made in Australia with our harsh climate in mind. All our ingredients are sourced locally to support Australian trade, as a result of this the ingredients in our products are of the highest Australian quality, concentration and strength allowing our products to deliver high end results.

Our Range addresses Skin dehydration, acne, dry mature skins, and skin simply needing maintenance. Our No 1 selling product is our 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which sells at $79. Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum defies ageing and has been proven scientifically to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water aiding in instant skin re-hydration while helping to correct other skin conditions developed from dehydration.

All our products are used in clinic during our facial treatments, Our most popular being the “I’m Vegan” Facial.

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C2skin is a naturally derived skincare range, with Australian premium quality sourced ingredients. C2skin focuses on providing you the best skincare through complex integration of science and nature formulated together to provide the highest quality products without the need of hidden irritants and nasties, making c2skin great for all skin types.

We use c2skin in our treatment rooms after Laser and other skin treatments to soothe and reduce redness while also providing healing benefits. We recommend that our clients use these products for home care to promote faster healing and provide hydrating benefits.

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O Cosmedics is an environmentally conscious organic skin care brand. O Cosmedics is Australian made, making it specifically designed for Australian skin. O focuses on delivering advanced skin care to slow down and beat signs of ageing with its snap8* special formula which is incorporated into all of their ingredients. Speak to your skin specialist today. You O it to your skin.

Cleanse, Hydrate , Correct and Protect. O Cosmedic Skin Peels are used in our treatment rooms to encourage clear, bright, firm, glowing skin. O Peels are perfect in conjunction with other skin treatments offered in clinic.